To be a people who abide in Jesus and see our lives bear lasting and abundant fruit that gives God glory.

Our Young Adult community is made up of recent college graduates, young professionals (26 and older), and young marrieds. We exist to be a place where young adults in all seasons of life can come together, encounter God, and be empowered to live out His plans and purposes for their lives. We pray together, laugh together, worship together, feel pain together, and overcome together. We are a family of friends after the heart of God - passionate about our pursuit of Jesus not only profoundly changing us, but the world around us as well.



First Friday of every month @ 7pm

Every first Friday of the month we gather together as a community to press into the heart of God together. This gathering is meant to be time set aside where we come together to passionately pursue God’s presence in worship and prayer, as well as connect relationally.


The resources below are meant to give you practical ways to enrich your relationship with Jesus - they are not meant to be a checklist. Relationships don’t operate by formulas, and your relationship with God is no different. Our hope and prayer is simply that they help guide you as you seek to strengthen and deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Encountering God Handbook

Discipleship Handbook

Living On Mission Handbook


Community is not a program or something that is consumed, it is created, and it is where we best grow and thrive as believers. No matter where you are at in your walk with God, you were not made to walk alone, and Lifegroups are one of the best ways for you to experience authentic community and intentional relationships that bring freedom, health, and encouragement to your life.

Our Young Adult Lifegroups are organized in three sections - Age 25 & Under, Age 26 & Older, and Young Married. While anyone is able to attend any Lifegroup regardless of section, we encourage you to plug into a Lifegroup that best fits your current season of life. You can find a current list of all of our current Young Adult Lifegroups below.

AGE 25 & UNDER . . .

Monday at 7:00pm | Tempe, AZ | Contact Allie: 480.518.0389

Monday at 7:00pm | Tempe, AZ | Contact Hanna: 602.335.9125

Wednesday at 7:00pm | Tempe, AZ | Contact Kaiden: 602.820.0303

AGE 26 & OLDER . . .

Tuesday at 7:00pm | Tempe, AZ | Contact John: 847.387.7102

Wednesday at 7:00pm | Tempe, AZ | Contact Ali: 480.278.3253


Monday at 7:00pm | Mesa, AZ | Contact Kristen: 602.761.8408

Tuesday at 6:30pm | Mesa, AZ | Contact Hannah: 612.590.3365

Wednesday at 7:00pm | Mesa, AZ | Contact Annie: 208.409.8940