Giving to the Lord, His Church and His purposes unleashes a joy that sets us free and brings breakthrough for others.

We desire to worship God not only with our words and songs but also with our financial resources. The Bible teaches that the "earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it" (Psalm 24:1). Since everything belongs to God, we are a church that generously gives our financial resources to support what God is doing in our city and in the nations of the world. As a church we are committed to running a debt-free organization, financial sacrifice, and radical generosity. We appreciate your faithful generosity as you give consistently, spontaneously and above and beyond the first fruits of your labor throughout the year.



Antioch Community Church is a Non-Profit - 501c3 - Organization. All gifts are given to Antioch Community Church with the understanding that the board has full control over the final distribution of those gifts. Gifts toward specific projects or ministries will be honored unless the project is fully funded or significantly altered. Then, the board will direct the gift to a similar project or to the area of greatest need.