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Empty Nester

We call our Empty Nester ministry 'Caleb' because of the example from Caleb in Joshua 14:10-11. There it says that Caleb, despite being 85 years old, "was still as strong and as vigorous" as he was in his prime. We believe our empty nesters have strength and wisdom to contribute to the church so that it can be built up and equipped for the good fight of faith. 

The Caleb Ministry is designed to help empty nesters experience God and enjoy community together. Our goal is to continually envision and equip empty nesters to use the skills and wisdom they've gained over years of life experience to make disciples and invest in the next generation. Our Caleb Ministry is a valuable part of our church community adding maturity and wisdom to our ever-growing church. 

A great way to get involved in our Caleb Ministry is through a LIFEGROUP - a small group community that is designed for fellowship, pastoral care, and outreach. We hope to see you soon!