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A College Worship Night




Studies show that we make most of our major life decisions during our college years. In fact, many of the decisions we make while in college set the course of our lives. Once we taste the freedom of being on our own, we quickly feel ready to take on the world with our strong ideals and zealous optimism. At the same time, many of us face the types of monumental questions that define our very existence...Who am I? What is my purpose? What will I give my life to?

As a church we believe that the Father God created us to be His sons and daughters. We believe that our ultimate purpose is to demonstrate what God is really like to the world around us. And we believe there is no greater cause on earth than to share with others the good news of Jesus, whose sacrificial love makes knowing the Father possible. The mission of our college ministry is to connect students with these truths - to help them encounter God, discover their identity, and fulfill their destiny. Many of our world's greatest revivals and missions movements were catalyzed by college students who wholeheartedly committed themselves to Jesus. College students are our world changers, and they are a vital part of our church. 

The best way to get involved in our college ministry is through a LIFEGROUP (see below) - a small group community that is designed for fellowship, pastoral care, and outreach. We hope to see you soon!

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